What to Expect from Vacation Homes 365 in 2021?

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It’s not just vacationhomes365.com but the entire vacation rental industry has been affected by the pandemic. A lot of hosts may have already called it quits considering the many locations that have been on lockdown. People had limited mobility while there are instances when people are hesitant to travel due to the possibility of catching the virus.

2021, things have changed a bit. Though we’re not yet completely free from COVID19, things have improved drastically in some parts of the world. And with people vaccinated, it is a different ballgame compared to 2020. Here are some things that you can expect from vacation rentals in Vacation Homes 365.

Longer Stay

One of the things that industry experts noticed is that people are staying longer in one location. With the popularity of remote work, it is now possible for them to take their work wherever they are as long as there is a fast internet connection. It also means that those who are offering their property should offer fast internet for their guests. For hosts, it also helps if you can add a table and a desk in your property. This can attract guests who are trying to find a place where they can work.

Priority for safety

Since the threat of COVID19 is still not yet completely eradicated, there is still some hint of hesitation among travelers. You can convince them by focusing on safety measures that can prevent COVID19 on your property. It means that hosts are now investing in air filters, cleaning, and disinfecting the property. This might be seen as an additional cost, but it is now fast becoming a norm.

The Popularity of Places Outside the City

A lot of people are getting tired of the city. Some would even stay for a few months outside the city just to relax and have a different experience. In reality, some opted to live in a trailer and be mobile. Offering your place for city dwellers can be a good way to capture a specific market.

Harder to Book on Weekends and Holidays

However, given the number of people vaccinated in the US, it is now harder to do short-notice booking compared to last year. This trend is expected to continue now that there are lots of people doing leisure travel.

More expensive booking

And since there is a higher demand from travelers, prices have gone back up. Whether it’s the price of a hotel room or plane tickets, there is no denying that the travel industry is currently taking advantage of the rebound of travel demand. Many hosts are now comfortable raising their rate per night given the number of interested guests. This is also a good move since the cost of cleaning and disinfection can shrink your potential profit.

If you are looking to host guests in 2021, it might be a good idea to know these trends that are now popular among vacation rentals worldwide. Could this be the trend in the coming years? This is possible because herd immunity is still far from reality for the rest of the world.