Can The Vacation Rental Industry Survive 2021?

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2020 was a tough test for many businesses including the vacation rental industry. A lot of websites have shown a significant decrease in the number of hosts offering their properties for rent and guests who are staying in these properties. The COVID19 pandemic has affected vacation rentals in ways wherein some homeowners decided to abandon their businesses completely.

But as we draw towards 2021, could there be a significant change in the industry?

We know more about the virus today than last year

One of the things that made the vacation rental industry optimistic is the fact that we now know more about the virus. Last year, many were left in the dark on how to approach the COVID19 pandemic. Government and health officials from different parts of the globe have responded well. Some of these responses didn’t even require imposing strict lockdowns.

Technology is on our side

It is undeniable that technology is currently on our side. We have the ability to perform contact tracing making it easier to know who are the people involved in case someone who is COVID19 positive ends up on your property.

Vacation Homes 365 has encouraged hosts to promote contact tracing using QR codes wherein people can simply scan and have their information taken. This makes it easier, later on, to call them or to inform them if the need arises.

Cleaning protocols are better than ever

If you will take a closer look at the protocols implemented by to properties listed on their website, you’ll notice that the cleaning and disinfection protocols are better than ever. Disinfection methods are being done every few days to make sure that the place is clean and safe. VacationHomes365 also made it clear that every corner of the property should have alcohol where the guests can disinfect their hands and stop the spread of the virus.

This could mean that by 2021, we are going to see more properties that are fit to be used for vacation rental purposes.

More people are going on vacations

By now, people have accepted the reality that we are living in a different world. We have no other choice but to adapt to the new normal and this includes when we travel. We might be seeing more facilities offering COVID19 PCR tests at an affordable rate. And with this, we can expect more places to accept tourists. People are going on vacations after 2020. Many feel that 2020 prevented them from going anywhere which could mean that we are going to see people who are planning to spend more time seeing new places by 2021.

A vaccine is on its way

And the last thing that could change the landscape of vacation rentals in the coming months is the fact that there are vaccines. Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and other companies are now scrambling towards an effective vaccine that can solve the COVID19 pandemic. And given the worldwide demand, this could make pharmaceutical companies rich.
With a vaccine underway, it makes it possible for people to have peace of mind and visit places that they wanted to visit.